Monday, February 22, 2010

That's A Dealbreaker!

Okay so Saturday night my scalp was killing me - you all feel my pain right? So I knew that I was lacking some serious moisture in my doo mop so I went on the search for a good natural conditioner I could do at home. I make my own natural conditioner myself, but I had read somewhere recently that someone had used bananas and was happy with the end result there. So what do I do?

I whip up some banana conditioner....

I put that all up in my hair with an egg and then let it marinate for about 1/2 an hour with a bag over it. I take it off, hop in the shower and start to rub it out. After about 1/2 hour in the shower I get out and I'm drying my hair with the towel and seeing pretty large bits of banana coming out into the towel. I put on my glasses and walk over to the mirror just to see what looks like a bag of jiffy pop popcorn growing out of every which way in my fro! I freaked out and started combing it out. I thought I got the majority done away with, so I wrap my head up for the night and figure if there is anymore then I'll just get it in the morning. Mind you, I have a 8 o'clock wake up call on Sundays for my religious obligations. And two kids. And breakfast needed to get done, and exercise. So...who was I kidding?

Sure enough I woke up to my head still pretty full of banana and my husband going "You have like no time before we leave to finish getting dressed AND do your makeu........what's all that in your hair?" He comes over and then like something out of Animal Planet the papa ape comes over and starts to groom the mama ape of the banana in her hair! LOL! I thought it was just going to be easier because he is a whole head taller than me and can see the whole melon. After a minute he was like "Well that's the best I could do..."

What? Excuse me? I don't leave the house after he utters the words "that's the best I could do". It's at that point that my little son gets sick and pukes all over our hallway (just OUTSIDE the bathroom of course) and THAT'S when my plans of staying in all Sunday were basically made for me.....

Long story semi short....

Bananas? That's a deal breaker ladies!!!!!!! (at least for me)

My best,

Song of the Moment: Mayer Hawthorne "Just Aint Gonna Work Out"

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I think I've got it! Remember my afro mullet dilemma? Well I think I've figured it out and have a solution now.

I put one of my smaller scarves around the back and tied at the front, THEN....I take a normal sized scarf and wrap it around to the back and put a knot at the back.

Double coverage!

It worked out. Now I just need to tweak it here and there, but I think I'm on my way folks!

My best,

Monday, February 15, 2010

Scarves - My Right Hand Women

Yep. I have alot of scarves. Had them since way back when. But I never used them on such a daily basis and they never really played such an integral part of my hair growth. Now I am using them on a regular basis and they are my best friend.

If it slips off in the night, I immediately wake up and redo it (sleepwrapping if you may) :oP and then fall right back to sleep.

These last few days, I have been backed up on some laundry and so I haven't been able to use my scarves lately. And now I'm realizing that I can never not have one handy. My hair is too fragile and needs to be protected at night. When I picked it out last night, more strands of hair than I've ever seen since my BC were coming out into the comb. Yikes! I realize now that I have to stay on top of it. Oh well. I am now officially high maintenance. LOL!

Hand-made Paisley Silk Scarves (India)

My best,

Song of the Moment: Blu Cantrell feat. Sean Paul "Breathe". Remember this song? Still gets me dancing!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Business in the Front, But a Party in the Back!

Okay so I'm learning all sorts of new things that my hair likes and doesn't like as I'm going along. I know my hair likes to be covered and tucked away for the evening, so that it can perform as a cute little TWA the next day. I know that it looks good either with shrinkage or with a little volume. I love that I can inflate or deflate my hair just by wearing a scarf over it for a few hours.

However, I do NOT love the fact that lately as my hair has been growing out on all sides, it has not been cooperating in the back the following morning after I take said scarf off.

And I'm scared that if I don't get this under control and figure out a solution that I will end up looking like this in a few more months....

HELP!!! How do I keep away the afro mullet I sport every morning? It's always a ridge in the back and I have to pic it out and rescarf my hair with the knot at my forehead instead of at the back of the neck like I wear it at night.

Tips please, tips...

My best,

Song of the Moment: Lauryn Hill "Everything is Everything". Yes it is Lauryn, sing it!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Check Me Out...

Hey ladies guess what? I was featured today (Wednesday) over at! Head over there and you can read up on some stuff about me that I haven't gotten around to talking about on here.

My best,

Natural Mama

Monday, February 8, 2010

I Know It's Attractive But....COME ON!

Okay so I am sitting in my house of worship Sunday morning just minding my own business when I look over and Lil Miss is looking up at me. She whispers "Mommy you look pretty." I say "thank you sweetie, now pay attention". She looks at me again and says "Let me look at you". So I take the opportunity (for shame) to do a quick hair check. I turn sideways and whisper "Is there anything in Mommys hair?" To which she looks into the matter and pulls out the BIGGEST LINTBALL EVER! I was mortified....

And it was sitting in my hair for at least a good hour and a half before Baby Girl saved her mama from herself!

So now I know what is next on the natural hair care product purchase list (a.k.a. NHCPPL)....

Single Sided Salon Style Hand Mirror

Yep. One of these deluxe see behind you like you're at the salon kind of mirrors! I can't walk around ignorant to what is lurking back there all day any longer. I live in this town and have to see people on a daily basis!!

Anybody have a great place I can find these at a reasonable price? Thanks y'all.

My best,

It Was All Just a Dream...

This morning I woke up so disappointed. Last night I had dreamt that all of my hair had grown in and they were big luxurious pronounced curls and all the work was done for me and the waiting for growth was over.

And then the alarm went off and I woke from that dream with a big THUD! back to reality and my t.w.a.

Have you ever had growth dreams only to wake up to not that much hair?

That's what I get for drinking coffee so late at night!

My best,

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Lost My Pick and My Mojo!

Okay so for the last few days, about 2 days, I have been just feeling blah....

I couldn't put my finger on it, I felt like I had food poisoning, I didn't want to see daylight, I was kinda irritable.

Then I realized what it was. I had lost my hair pick. I hadn't picked out my hair in 2 days and I think my body was sensing that something was off. It was my hair! It was lopsided to the left a bit too much and throwing me off center...

So today after the kiddies went down for naps, I tore through this house like I was looking for Jimmy Hoffa. And I found it! AAaaaaaa angels singing, enter risors filled with soprano singers...

Then I deep conditioned my hair for about 25 minutes, rinsed and picked it out into it's lovely little TWA glory.

I'm back. I feel much better and like myself again.

Thank you afro pick....

My best,

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm New Here...Be Nice ;o)

Okay so it's been awhile in the making (see my profile story on the right) and I am finally on the other side of the fence. I'm no longer looking in on the party that was and is natural hair. I love it, I'm livin' it, I want more OF IT!

I am starting this blog so as to alleviate some pressure off my brain when it comes to all the things I want to say on my other natural blog about my natural hair and this new journey I've started on.

So here we are today, in this spot right now. I'm excited. My hair is growing and the sky is blue today. I feel alive and fresh....

This is gonna be good....really good....

My best,
Natural Mama