Thursday, February 11, 2010

Business in the Front, But a Party in the Back!

Okay so I'm learning all sorts of new things that my hair likes and doesn't like as I'm going along. I know my hair likes to be covered and tucked away for the evening, so that it can perform as a cute little TWA the next day. I know that it looks good either with shrinkage or with a little volume. I love that I can inflate or deflate my hair just by wearing a scarf over it for a few hours.

However, I do NOT love the fact that lately as my hair has been growing out on all sides, it has not been cooperating in the back the following morning after I take said scarf off.

And I'm scared that if I don't get this under control and figure out a solution that I will end up looking like this in a few more months....

HELP!!! How do I keep away the afro mullet I sport every morning? It's always a ridge in the back and I have to pic it out and rescarf my hair with the knot at my forehead instead of at the back of the neck like I wear it at night.

Tips please, tips...

My best,

Song of the Moment: Lauryn Hill "Everything is Everything". Yes it is Lauryn, sing it!


Lynn said...

Well not EXACTLY like the man in the photo. You know, minus the gender, race and blonde hair...everything opposite of this pic is what I might turn out looking like if y'all dont help me! ;oP

My best, Natural Mama

Britt said...

Haha I didn't even know an afro mullet was possible!

Girl In A Thunderbolt said...

I used to get this problem too! I thought the mullet fairies were getting busy every night as I slept! I was far too lazy to think of a logical solution and just got my boyfriend to chop the offending back and sides off and leave the volume on the top. Now the fairies can't catch me! :D

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

befoe I has locs, I'd braid my fro into at night. it helped.