Monday, February 8, 2010

I Know It's Attractive But....COME ON!

Okay so I am sitting in my house of worship Sunday morning just minding my own business when I look over and Lil Miss is looking up at me. She whispers "Mommy you look pretty." I say "thank you sweetie, now pay attention". She looks at me again and says "Let me look at you". So I take the opportunity (for shame) to do a quick hair check. I turn sideways and whisper "Is there anything in Mommys hair?" To which she looks into the matter and pulls out the BIGGEST LINTBALL EVER! I was mortified....

And it was sitting in my hair for at least a good hour and a half before Baby Girl saved her mama from herself!

So now I know what is next on the natural hair care product purchase list (a.k.a. NHCPPL)....

Single Sided Salon Style Hand Mirror

Yep. One of these deluxe see behind you like you're at the salon kind of mirrors! I can't walk around ignorant to what is lurking back there all day any longer. I live in this town and have to see people on a daily basis!!

Anybody have a great place I can find these at a reasonable price? Thanks y'all.

My best,


Britt said...

Lol thank God for your daughter! I hate when someone else pulls lint or something out of my hair..I get so embarrassed that I didn't catch it myself.

ChoQolate ChiQ BKA QD! said...


Lynn said...

Okay so today I went out and got a cute little double sided mirror for a buck 50 from Goodwill brand new! I love our Goodwill. I got a brand new painting tarp for $1.29. Gotta love it!

My best, NM

Future Mama said...

Haha, I can't wait to have my little girl now, I knew they were fun to dress and play with but I never thought about them being mini mirrors!! How fun! haha. Glad you got the mirror you were looking for!