Monday, February 15, 2010

Scarves - My Right Hand Women

Yep. I have alot of scarves. Had them since way back when. But I never used them on such a daily basis and they never really played such an integral part of my hair growth. Now I am using them on a regular basis and they are my best friend.

If it slips off in the night, I immediately wake up and redo it (sleepwrapping if you may) :oP and then fall right back to sleep.

These last few days, I have been backed up on some laundry and so I haven't been able to use my scarves lately. And now I'm realizing that I can never not have one handy. My hair is too fragile and needs to be protected at night. When I picked it out last night, more strands of hair than I've ever seen since my BC were coming out into the comb. Yikes! I realize now that I have to stay on top of it. Oh well. I am now officially high maintenance. LOL!

Hand-made Paisley Silk Scarves (India)

My best,

Song of the Moment: Blu Cantrell feat. Sean Paul "Breathe". Remember this song? Still gets me dancing!


Britt said...

Lol @ sleepwrapping! I sleep with a bonnet and whenever I feel it slipping, I hurry up and adjust it. I'm thinking about investing in a silk pillowcase so I won't have to worry as much.

Diasporique said...

The silk pillowcase is definitely a great idea! I sleep with a silk scarf on my head but it always slips off while I'm sleeping and it leaves my hairline exposed to my cotton pillow.