Monday, April 5, 2010

2 Months and Counting...

So I'm 2 months post Big Chop and really liking how my hair has responded to its natural state. It is growing in nicely and when I really show it some love it really flourishes. I have been using my Bees Knee's Naturals Avo Whip Conditioner and it has really given my hair a whole different outlook :o) It is now more moisturized and softer to the touch and easier to comb and manage. All the way around it is nothing but supportive to the overall health of my hair.

I love that I am limiting more and more chemicals going into my system these days and my body is responding in kind by feeling better, lighter, and more "streamlined" shall I say?

One of these days soon I'm going to try a twist out again. Perhaps next weekend. I will have alot going on but still I will have some free time here and there to kill so why not play with my locks? :oP

2 Month Update Pic!

Bonus question of the moment: Where can I find cute headbands from independent sellers? I love to support fellow artisans of course, so let me know if you either sell them or have a regular that you always go to. Thanks ladies and gents!

My best,

Song of the Moment: Queen "We Are the Champions". Completely and utterly inspiring. Loves it!


ChoQolate ChiQ BKA QD! said...

I love the song of the moment!
Is there a particular style of head band youre looking for?

Lynn said...

Rachel Stewart Jewelry was doing a beautiful peacock feather one that was just BAAAAD and by the time I went to put in my order she literally had just discontinued them THAT week! So goes my life! :o) So anything classy, understated, funky, yet elegant...that's what I'm going for...any takers? :o)

My best, Lynn

Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

Your hair looks great. looks healthy from here. Still lovin' your blog. (smile)

Diary of a Smart Black Woman said...

Love your hair. I miss having mine short. I love the versatility of long hair, but I miss the freedom of a short 'do.