Monday, June 7, 2010


Okay so I haven't been doing much with my hair lately and at the same time I've been trying different things here and there.

I did my first successful twist out on the hair and it looked F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!! Sorry I forgot to take pictures of it, but next time I will most definitely get on that.

My hair has been growing so fast like it's got an appointment to keep! I am so thrilled at the growth and speed at which it's growing that it really is just flooring me. Today my fro after I picked it out was just Booming! My husband said "Wow that is some fro! Your flower looks like it's hiding in there..." I was wearing my usual flower clip and
when he said that I looked into the mirror and sure enough there it was looking like it was getting swallowed up into the rain forest... :oP

You know what I did this weekend?

SWAM IN THE OCEAN - HEAD FULLY IN!!! Gasp... I know right. It was my first swim in anything since my BC and honestly I still have some deep rooted relaxer habits to overcome. I still reach up to tuck my hair and primp it on a windy day - because I forget what I'm working with up there. Same thing when it came to the sea. I went in and stayed from the shoulders up dry for at least 5 minutes before I realized that I could be doing the Flipper and all that jazz without having to fret afterwards.

It was total freedom. And I loved every second of it.

Updated fro pic right here....

Only 5 months in! Look at that growth!

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Execumama said...

Yes, indeed! The freedom of natural hair is one that I could never part with that! Love the fro pic -- very pretty!