Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Check My 'Fro!

First off look. at. this. My first blowdryer blowout.....ask me how many times did I sing "We're brothers....we're happy and we're singing and we're colored.....give me a HIGH FIVE!" whilst patting my hair. Anyone? Props to the first commenter who knows who I'm talking about... ;o)

This is the first (and definitely not only) time I've taken heat to my hair in the form of a med to med/high hairdryer with a comb attachment on it. I love how it turned out. This is the following morning after and with a bit of shrinkage but still at somewhat of it's max height. My husband was floored. He thought that I was wearing my shower cap or something and made me raise the lights in the room so he could see that what I was working with was INDEED real. Ha! Tonight I am going to wash it and check it out to make sure that my curls come back (praying here) because I have read that some women never get their curl pattern back the same way. But some have. I'm pretty sure that I will be one of the ones that get it back. I am having a flashback to a little over a year ago when I would take my blowdryer to my new growth to smooth it out between relaxers and eventually they would fight back and spring back into action and I would have to succumb to the relaxer. So here goes nothing and everything!

While I'm gone, check out this news anchor sharing her natural story with the's nice to see women take bold steps even if it's not the "norm" in their surroundings.

My best,


zainab1 said...

FABULOUS!!!!! I love how your hair turned out, SHARP!:))) take care.


nappy headed black girl said...

ooh, your hair looks soft and fluffy. Great job.

Oh, and yeah, the Wayans brothers used to be my show lol

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

OK, Foxy Brown! I like! It's nice to change it up once in blue moon.

Lynn said...

Thank you ladies. @ nappy headed...I used to sing that all the time when I was younger and didn't even have a fro! LOL...