Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Crazy Creative!

Okay so right now I am feeling just as is titled. Crazy creative. I started my night off kind of weak minded and down in the dumps (I blame it on low blood sugar) but now I have been perusing the Interweb and the UsTube and found a few gems that MUST be shared, they are just. that. good.

Without further ado...

Listen to this vocal of this awesome UK singer Jessie J singing this sick song.....if she doesn't blow up then I don't know WHEN music actually died. And yes, this is a performance sitting down so imagine how it will be when standing!

And finally I came across this awesome tote bag designed by this wicked good artist named Mode'. I am now going to actively pursue this as a gift "thoughtfully" given to me by my husband ;o) It's called "Afro" and it's about $25 bucks and can be found here...

After viewing all these things I am feeling highly inspired and I hope you are too. What can we contribute to the world?

Ladies and gents, what's inspiring you today?

My best,



OMG loving that bag, also following you back. This post was inspiring.

Lisa xx

Lynn said...

Thank you Lisa. That bag IS fierce right? She's got the earrings and the feather headband going on! Thanks for the follow. Tell ya friends... :o)

My best, Lynn