Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why Am I Natural?

It's been almost a full year since my BC and I realized yesterday while doing dishes (where I get most of my thinking done) that I never told you all why it is that I am natural.

I wrote a song about it, wanna hear it? Here it goes.... ;o)

Okay so over the course of about 2 years now, a little over 2, I went on this major all natural health kick. Just one day in Wal-Mart for some reason I turned the lotion bottle that I was looking at over and realized that other than water, I had no clue what on earth all the rest of the ingredients were and figured that at that moment that I had to start looking deeper into all the things that my body was consuming on a daily basis.

This realization led me to rapidly change alot of my ways. I changed alot of my cosmetics over to all natural, most of my food I try and stay as natural and hormone free with.

And I let my new growth actually GROW IN!

Now I started getting relaxers at such a young age that I can't even tell you when it was that I had my first one, it was just something that I always knew was done. Once my roots started curling then I knew it was time to stop itching my scalp - which of course always led me to want to itch it MORE then - and prepare for the relaxer funk to hit the air in my mamas kitchen.

By the time I was grown and out of my parents house, I had never known what my natural hair looked like or even could look like left "untamed". I had gotten the wonderful African women in Harlem to braid my hair once a year for the winter months (3 months of ignorant hair bliss) many times. When I got pregnant with my first child, the first gift my husband got me was a surprise trip into NYC to get my hair braided for 7 hours while he went off to his beloved
B & H video store for the day. I knew that after I would take those braids out after the 3 month hiatus I was always left with a head full of lint but a pretty big and impressive afro.

Fast forward 4 years. That was when I had my precious baby girl. And it all changed after that. At first when I had her, I was so concerned about teaching her how to love and respect herself and to embrace all the unique things that make her her you know? But along with that train of thought, I started to look back at myself and really examine and think "Are you doing that with yourself Lynn?" and sadly the answer was no.

So last year I started to get on YouTube at all hours of the night and watch all of these beautiful women - young and old - cut, trim, transition, and shave their hair down to their most natural state and I realized that it was something that I MUST do also. Even if I didn't have a little girl with similar hair as mine, I know I would have come to this conclusion at this point in my life anyway.

I didn't cut my hair to make any kind of social or ethnic statement. I know where I come from and why God put me on this Earth. Now more than ever, I don't feel the need to walk around having my hair, wardrobe, or accessories shout that to the world for me. I dress in the morning in a way that I find acceptable for me, and hope that others see me for me and not anything else but that. I am so comfortable in my own skin, femininity, and morals that I can look at people of all races, shapes, and sizes and realize that we don't need labels to survive together. Very little separates us. I do not allow my mind or spirit to be influenced by outside media perhaps, that tries to lead me to believe that just because of my skin color or hair texture that I can't have something in common with my Indian neighbor or Caucasian librarian.

So why am I natural? Because I have educated myself to the point of sheer contentment.

Ladies, let's hear it.....why are you natural?

My best,


Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

I love reading other womens' napptural stories! Yours is a particularly good one, born of wanting to teach your girl the power of self-love. Mine started when my hair started thinning and I thought the relaxer was the cause, but it went so much deeper when the people around me didn't want to accept my natural hair. I realized I was challenging societal notions of beauty and whatnot. I found myself defending my choice to me kinky, but then I stopped arguing and let my pride do the talking for me.

Lynn said...

I agree. It is kind of weird when you tell some people that you are going natural and they give you the sideways head look and the screwy face. Whenever people get it all wrong, I tell them they've been watching TV far too long and they need to just ask a black woman what the real deal is!

My best, Lynn

Sunny Rising Leather said...

This is so beautiful, your impetus to be natural.
When you talked about the lotion bottle it reminded me of one of the reasons I eat mostly organic and local produce: if your grandmother wouldn't know what the ingredient was, do not eat it :)

natural is love, from hair to food to compassion.


Lynn said...

Thank you for your comment SRL. That adage must be why our grandmothers lived so much longer than we are living today and with a better quality of life. I feel like an old woman already and I'm not yet 30!

My best, Lynn