Monday, February 28, 2011

How Often Should a Natural Shampoo?

Hmm? How often do you shampoo your hair? I wash it about once a week or week and a half with shampoo. But on a daily basis I am wetting it in the shower when I wash up. I find that it is helping with my growth tremendously.

I know that growing up I always heard "Dont wet your hair in the shower because it takes the oil out of your hair", but in my case, as long as I am adding some oils right after my shower I am not missing any oils.

This is currently my shampoo that I've been rocking:

Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Invigorating Shampoo

And I love the effect it has on my hair. It's a great cleanser. It gets all the buildup out and then I can start from scratch. Tomorrow I will show you the effects of it. Maybe some before and after shots? Yeah that sounds about right.

So todays question is, how often should I wash my hair? Any natural hairdressers out there with the info feel free to leave a comment below or drop me a line email style.

Peace y'all...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rachel Stewart Earrings

I love her earrings!!! I hope that you ladies have gotten to see some of her jewelry at her site. Here is her link:

The earrings in this photo have sadly been discontinued, but she has many others that you might like.

So go check her out and tell her Lynn sent you!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Calling All Guest Posters!

Hi ladies. I know that I am not the only one with a voice on the matter of our naturalnessity. (It's a word somewhere I'm sure!) And since I'm not the only one, I figure that there are alot of you with varying opinions on the matter as well.

So would you like to use this space for your voice? Feel free to contact me via email and I will get your post....umm....posted.

This is also a great way to expand your readership!

My best,

Friday, February 11, 2011

How About This Inspiration To Grow?

One word.


foto courtesy KCCM

This is La Toya Parker-Lacey and I just read an awesome interview on this natural over at Kinky Coily Curly Me so check it out right here.

This photo right here had me running to the kitchen for a glass of water to start chugging...

My best,

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Personal Hair Challenge

I have been reading all over the place that there is a Kim Coles' Grow Out Challenge. We all remember Kim from Living Single as Sinclair right? She was awesome.

Well I sometimes like to join in on these festive challenges, but not now. I'm just tired. But at the same time I want to improve my regimen and start on a path towards some serious growth. I have 1 year down as a complete natural headed woman and for year 2 I am really going to attack it.

So here is my Day 1 Personal Challenge photo:

I plan on drinking more fluids, juicing and doing my nightly ritual....nightly. Instead of sporadically like I have been doing. Even with 1 year down I have had a lot of growth. I'm running short on time, but tomorrow I will be posting my before and after photos to help inspire me even more. Till then ladies.

My best,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Nappy Or Curly?

How do you describe your hair? Nappy or Curly? Personally, I refer to my hair as "super curly". Even when I still used relaxers and my new growth would start coming in I would never refer to is as nappy hair growth rather it would be that my "slight curls" are showing.

I don't know......the term nappy just kind of irks me. Makes me itch a little. I mean okay, let me give you more of what my mind is thinking when I concentrate on this topic. My mind rationalizes that I shouldn't refer to my hair that way because all my life when hearing the term "nappy" it was always accompanied by either some teeth sucking (tsk!) or a raised lip or brow and rolled eyes.

"Girl, why your hair so nappy? You need to get that relaxed!"

So therein lies my disdain for that term currently. As a natural now, I just can't bring myself to adopt that term to describe my wonderful head of hair. And why should I? Technically, I haven't yet done my research on the history of where that word came from or who adopted it first, but I can't imagine black people adopting that word for our own natural hair texture back in the day. My mind takes me to a hot and sweaty cotton field and plantation house where the slave masters daughter stares at the little black girl with a longing desire to get her hair to curl just as much as the little black girls. And because she lacks the ability to get said curl, volume, and depth she turns to what? Taunting and name calling. "Nappy." It almost sounds like...

"Not Happy" Hmm....

Us naturals know that our hair is far from NOT happy so why would we call it nappy? It just rings of disdain to me. I've never heard anyone joyously say "Your hair is soooo nappy! It looks great on you!"

A long time ago in high school, I once told one of my Caucasian friends that my hair grows in curly and after a shower if I haven't relaxed it in a few weeks that I get a whole head of curls. Her jaw dropped in disbelief and she said "No way. You're lying." If she saw me today, she would probably go grey on site. Haha!

One final thought, we have all seen white people with just as big naturally curly afros as some of us (the great painter Bob Ross anyone?) but have you ever heard them describe their hair as nappy or hear anyone call them that? I never have. All I have ever heard is "Oh Samantha has a beautiful head full of curls. I'd do anything to have as much volume as she does. I love the versatility she has with it."

But not once have I ever heard a white persons hair described as nappy. Why is that?

Chime In: Okay sound off on this topic, I hope that you all have an opinion either way. Remember though, this site is read by many and profanity is not allowed. Be nice y'all.

My best,

Friday, February 4, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Red Hair, Black Hair


So I was detangling in the shower last week and combing through my ends when I went to take some hair off the pick and set it aside. I was combing the back and then moved to the front. I set that hair aside as well.

Now since I wear glasses, when I shower I take them off. And since I'm one bad sneeze away from being completely blind, I can't see a single thing further than 10" from my face clearly while I shower.

After I turned off the water I put my glasses back on, leaned down to collect my hair and realized that one group of hair was all red and the other group was jet black. I started looking around like "Did I get this first group of hair from my baby girl while I was doing her hair during her bath?" The answer to that was no thankfully, because Baby Girl hasn't shed any hair in awhile during a combing. So I called my husband and said "Are you trying to punk me? Did you switch my hair out with this Carrot Top red?" He just laughed and said no.

I wish that I had taken a picture of it to show you all because it was something to see. I don't dye my hair. Never have and probably never will. So the fact that my hair has such stark contrasts in colors is just mind boggling. Yet funny.

Red hair, black hair. Granted, it's not as catchy as "Black and Yellow" but it could still catch on. ;o)

Chime In: Do you have different colors going on up there without any reason as to why? Or am I alone on this?

My best,