Friday, February 11, 2011

How About This Inspiration To Grow?

One word.


foto courtesy KCCM

This is La Toya Parker-Lacey and I just read an awesome interview on this natural over at Kinky Coily Curly Me so check it out right here.

This photo right here had me running to the kitchen for a glass of water to start chugging...

My best,


Kira Rana said...

Yes!! I seen this photo also and her hair is amazing :)

Ermilene said...
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Lynn said...

I love, love, love her hair. I completely agree with you aunaturale.

My best, Lynn

ChitownGirl said...

Thanks ladies! I'm so honored! I have to admit even I was surprised when I saw the picture. That was my first time wearing a frohawk and I didn't realize just how big and fluffy my hair was until I saw the pic ;-) And all these years, we thought our hair wouldn't grow!