Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Personal Hair Challenge

I have been reading all over the place that there is a Kim Coles' Grow Out Challenge. We all remember Kim from Living Single as Sinclair right? She was awesome.

Well I sometimes like to join in on these festive challenges, but not now. I'm just tired. But at the same time I want to improve my regimen and start on a path towards some serious growth. I have 1 year down as a complete natural headed woman and for year 2 I am really going to attack it.

So here is my Day 1 Personal Challenge photo:

I plan on drinking more fluids, juicing and doing my nightly ritual....nightly. Instead of sporadically like I have been doing. Even with 1 year down I have had a lot of growth. I'm running short on time, but tomorrow I will be posting my before and after photos to help inspire me even more. Till then ladies.

My best,


Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

I remember when I first went natural and did the big chop and challenged myself to grow a big fro within a year. It was time-consuming, but I had a big beautiful curly afro in no time. Time is a challenge now. I'm lucky if I get to wash my hair once a week much less do all the conditioning and growth treatments I used to. I will follow your journey and settle for living through you, LOL!

MizzB said...

I too am starting a personal challenge. Good luck on your challenge.

MizzB said...
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good luck to you - I too am trying to have a massive fro :)