Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Red Hair, Black Hair


So I was detangling in the shower last week and combing through my ends when I went to take some hair off the pick and set it aside. I was combing the back and then moved to the front. I set that hair aside as well.

Now since I wear glasses, when I shower I take them off. And since I'm one bad sneeze away from being completely blind, I can't see a single thing further than 10" from my face clearly while I shower.

After I turned off the water I put my glasses back on, leaned down to collect my hair and realized that one group of hair was all red and the other group was jet black. I started looking around like "Did I get this first group of hair from my baby girl while I was doing her hair during her bath?" The answer to that was no thankfully, because Baby Girl hasn't shed any hair in awhile during a combing. So I called my husband and said "Are you trying to punk me? Did you switch my hair out with this Carrot Top red?" He just laughed and said no.

I wish that I had taken a picture of it to show you all because it was something to see. I don't dye my hair. Never have and probably never will. So the fact that my hair has such stark contrasts in colors is just mind boggling. Yet funny.

Red hair, black hair. Granted, it's not as catchy as "Black and Yellow" but it could still catch on. ;o)

Chime In: Do you have different colors going on up there without any reason as to why? Or am I alone on this?

My best,


Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

My hair is jet black all around, but I do have a couple of grays. Does that count? LOL!

Lynn said...

I think that greys don't count because they are a crown of glory and represent wisdom my dear Teresha, but good try! ;o)

My best, Lynn