Thursday, July 7, 2011

Can Twisting Cause Carpal Tunnel?

Can it? Huh? Cause my wrists are KILLING ME!! I bet you there are no studies proving this theory, but I think that it very well could cause some serious carpal tunnel or at least some tennis elbow.

Yes, I did get tired of my twists already and wanted to see what they looked like under there. So....I untied the twists tonight and so far this is what I have before I head off to bed.

I will now be heading off to bed and tying up my hair in my silk scarf and then will let it down in the morning and style it then. Are you as excited as I am to see what will happen? I hope so!


nappy headed black girl said...

You look like you are in some serious pain :-(

I'm sure the style will be fab. You know what they takes sacrifice lol

Lynn said...

That's some truth right there! That's what I tell my husband every time I wear some cute but excruciating high heels. :o)

My best, Lynn


Yes they do cause carpal tunnel!! lol. I usually have to take a break or I go to my mothers house so she can twist my hair. The take down to me is easier. I usually have an easier time with braidouts and I can do it faster.